We're Getting There,,,Slowly

2010-03-07 15:03:24 by DWT-Productions

Hey All
Man, it sure has been a while, hasn't it. I think we should take a small moment to reminisce about all of the events, whether bad or good, that have taken place in our live since our last NG post and now...


Are you done. No? Tough Luck then. We've gotta lot to get through.
We've finally all reached that sweet age of 16 and that means examinations :/ Because of this, our new project, that of which we expected to open to the masses by now, is being postponed. To be honest, we all don't really mind this since we think the summer would be a much better time to start. However, it is slightly annoying...i mean c'mon, we started this since March 2009!! We really wanna get this done by now...
You're probably also wondering why We still haven't told you exactly what we're doing yet. Well this is because we're still adding to our project and filling in a corners and cracks (if you know what I mean [you probably don't] ) but in time, when everything stands on firm ground, we'll unveil what we're doing.
Also, around Dec 2009, we entered an online Film Festival at The Escapist Magazine we came 3rd overall in the animation catergory with our animation Dungeon Designer. If you have time, you should definatley check it out.
So yeah, I think that pretty much it. Apologies for delay and lack of updates, we've just been waaaay too busy.
Though there will be definable more to come!


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2010-03-07 15:38:33

3rd! That's awesome good to see you guys are getting into Film Festivals and it's nice to see the project moving along rather than being cancelled or something like that.


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