Entry #26

Exactly One Year!

2011-03-07 18:43:40 by DWT-Productions

Yikes...well..this is certainly embarrassing.

So as yeah, its been one year since the last news post we made on this page and well, since then...i guess very little has changed.
Should i feel ashamed? Erm...yeah, i guess i should.
So ill keep it short and sweet for you guys, and try and answer some questions that you might have had over the year (though, lets get real, probably not)
-YES. we are still prepare our sketches for weekly releases. we've got a fair few done, some still in the works
-We are still working on our new site, just trying to get host. once we done that, everything should be good (we've made all script and pages)
-We are still working on big projects here and there. One being a music video this. Its pretty big, you can see videos of me drawing scenes from it :)

-HOPEFULLY WE'LL ACTUALLY GET SOME SHIT RELEASED THIS YEAR! We've got most it prepared, its just we need ALL of it to kinda fulfill the model we set ourselves)

So yeah, thats DWT in a year.
Told ya not much has changes o_o


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